Clubhouse Rules


Make your reservations early if you can. Be sure to write a check for $150.00 payable to Preisker HOA when making the reservation. You do not have a reservation until the check is delivered. The check will not be cashed UNLESS you fail to observe the following rules.

Clubhouse Rules

  1. You are responsible for the clubhouse once it is opened for you. A board member will open the clubhouse for you, but you will not have a key - so be sure that someone stays there while you prepare for your event.
  2. There is NO PARKING on the street. Use the parking area by the clubhouse and pool - and the green-curbed areas by the peripheral walls. If your guests are parked on the street, you will forfeit your deposit.
  3. Use the main room only. Our insurance does not allow the use of the pool at the same time you are using the clubhouse.
  4. Limit the number of people in the clubhouse to 30 if possible, but definitely to NO MORE THAN 35.
  5. If you belong to a club outside the community, your club may use the clubhouse, but no more than once a month.
  6. Use of the stove is restricted to warming up food to be served at your event. It is not intended for you to cook your food.
  7. DO NOT move the cabinet that contains the chairs. The two cabinets that hold the tables are on wheels that may be unlocked and moved if you wish.
  8. Please keep children from climbing on the tables and chairs.

When you leave:

  1. Return all tables and chairs to their cabinets. Leave the clubhouse as you found it. If you have moved any items of furniture, put them back where they were when the clubhouse was opened for you.
  2. Leave the room in a clean condition. Your $150.00 check will be returned to you when it is determined that the clubhouse was left in a clean and undamaged condition. You will be notified if you need to come back for further cleaning or if we determine that we need to hire a cleaning service to clean the room.
  3. CLOSE THE DOORS AND WINDOWS! The front door will lock behind you. Don't forget the door that leads to the restrooms. Please do not leave the clubhouse open when you leave.
  4. Check the restrooms to insure they are left in a clean condition/
Thank you from the Preisker Gardens Homeowners' Association.

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