February 2019

Preisker Gardens HOA Meeting

February 12, 2019 Meeting Minutes
Board members in attendance were: President Omar Garcia, Treasurer Robert Jones, member at large Jim Rodriguez. Board members not in attendance: Vice President - Vacant, and Secretary Karen Gesky
January minutes were read and approved.
Pothole on Cedar fixed by Robert Jones. Patch holding up very good to recent rainstorms. Robert to get materials and fix a few more potholes.
Clubhouse floor waxing to be done this month.
Landscapers called to remove fallen tree on Preisker lane and remove entire tree as it is tipping and in danger of falling into road.
Clubhouse cleaning of windows, and cleaning supplies, stocking supplies and doormats to be ordered this month.
When roads are quoted for repair this year, estimate to include concrete in front of 2226 Almond lane as water pools excessively there.
Budget for year 2019 is in clubhouse. Dues to stay at $90 a month.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:20pm
Minutes were prepared by Omar Garcia

Any concerns please email the board at info@preiskergardens.net.
Please be specific so the board may be able to help with your requests or concerns. Thanks.