August 2018

Preisker Gardens HOA Meeting
Preisker Gardens HOA Meeting
August 14, 2018 Meeting Minutes
Meeting Called to order at 7:00 pm.
Board members in attendance were: President Omar Garcia, Treasurer Robert Jones, Member at Large Jim Rodriquez. Board member not in attendance: Secretary Karen Gesky & Vice President - Vacant
July minutes were read and approved
Agenda items discussed:
A members tenant owns boat in RV lot. They both live here in community.
Spa/Jacuzzi still being repaired by Triton Pool. It has been difficult as there have been multiple refits/repairs done over the years. Triton pool is doing their best to remove old wiring and parts and have a "clean" start with this Jacuzzi pump upgrade.
Front water sprinklers were turned off at the backflow valve by city employee after someone called about a broken sprinkler. Allweather landscaping was notified and no broken sprinkler was found.
The 3 lampposts along channel that are not working are being worked on by Classic Electric. They are having to communicate with PG&E about this matter. The board is keeping on this as our attention to security is important.
Written citations given for Parking violation within Preisker Gardens this month
Board will try to contact contractors for road repair quotes this month or next month.
Cars parked on Cedar are illegal as Cedar is a FIRE LANE. Fines and Towing will result from parking on Cedar or any other inner streets.
There have been complaints about cars using pool/clubhouse parking spaces as places to park for their homes/guests. There are signs posted as to proper use of these parking spaces. Please follow directions.
Reminder that basketball courts need to be off streets when not in use. They will be tagged with reminders this month.
2218 Almond lane has been approved to repaint their home in its existing color and trim Dark Brown.
2135 Garden has plans that have been approved to add an extra parking space with concrete.
The Garage sale for September has been scheduled for the weekend of the 29th and 30th of September. Ad will run in paper and signs places out front.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:20pm to session with 2 households with easement/property questions.
Minutes were prepared by Omar Garcia

Any concerns please email the board at
Please be specific so the board may be able to help with your requests or concerns. Thanks.