March 2020

Preisker Gardens HOA Meeting

Members in attendance: Omar Garcia-President, Robert Jones-Treasurer, Jim Rodriguez-Member at Large, Chris Maggio-Member at Large,Erica Jordan, Fernando Rivera.
February meeting minutes read and approved.
Las actas de la reunión de Febrero fueron leídas y aprobadas.
Board reviewed cost savings of reducing the sod or lawn out at front green belt on Preisker lane. President Omar Garcia showed how a 50% or more reduction in grass watering should give a savings of $6,900 a year using past 4-5 years of data. 2 proposals were reviewed with some questions needing to be answered about 1 of the 2. Board agreed that Preisker Gardens needs to move forward on this critical cost and water saving measure next month when proposal questions are answered and reviewed with rest of the board.
Landscaping maintenance was also discussed and a negotiation could result in savings of 3,900 per year.
That would bring total estimated savings to $10,800 per year. Further keeping our dues low and saving for asphalt repair. It is critical to get water savings in place before summer months as it would not be wise to waste another year of heavy watering costing Preisker Gardens members thousands of dollars.
The return on investment for the $47,000-49,000 dollar grass water saving proposals, along with reduced landscaping maintenance costs would be 4.3 years. In addition to this, Preisker Gardens HOA is saving money each month diligently to cover crucial maintenance and future asphalt project hopefully at end of this year 2020, or beginning of 2021.
El Presidente de Preisker Gardens Omar Garcia mostro que podemos ahorrar $6,900 por ano si quitamos el mayoria del cesped en frente de la comunidad en el calle Preisker. Revisamos dos propuestas. Habia 1-2 preguntas que necesitan respuestas antes de votar. El bordo esta de acuerdo que debemos hacer esto para ahorrar dinero para la comunidad y especialmente gastos para reparar las calles y cosas asi.
Tambien el costo cada mez puede ser reducido para ahorrar mas dinero hasta un total de 10,800 al ano junto con usar menos agua con quitar el césped de enfrente. Para recuperar el gasto de quitar el césped de $47,000 tomara 4.3 anos.
Our backflow valve behind pool house needs repair and as we have the budget this was scheduled to be done for $1,299.00 during month of March.
El valvula de reflujo esta casi quebrado detras del alberca, tenemos un propuesto de $1,299.00 para repararla. El bordo esta de acuerdo de repararlo en Marzo.
USPS mailboxes were discussed. They are rusting and lacking paint. They are property of USPS and we cannot touch. A board member will try and get a hold of USPS to request painting and or repair as needed.
Las cajas para las cartas son propiedad del Sistema postal y no podemos repararlos aunque estan consumidos de mojo y falta de pintura.
A motion to begin lien process against Lot#'s 64 and #37 and was seconded by treasurer Robert Joneas. A vote was called and voted on by all board members. These properties are behind 2-3 years in dues and show no evidence of payments during that time. All board members voted in favor of this motion.
Un mocion legal fue empezado y movido a Segundo por el tesorero para empezar el proceso de LIEN contra dos propiedades. El lote #64, y #37 ya que estas dos están detrás en pagos 2 y 3 anos sin evidencia de pagar durante ese tiempo. Todo el bordo voto en favor de este moción legal.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.

Any concerns please email the board at
Please be specific so the board may be able to help with your requests or concerns. Thanks. Manda un coreo electronico a si tienen preguntas.