Pool Rules and Hours

  1. Absolutely NO alcohol, food, glass, or soap in the pool area.
  2. No street clothes are allowed in the pool or spa.
  3. Pool hours are 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  4. Adult only hours are 9:00 pm to 10 pm Tuesday through Thursday.
  5. No more than 20 people in the pool at one time.
  6. No more than 5 people in the spa at one time.
  7. No children under 4 are allowed in the spa at any time.
  8. No one under 21 is allowed in the pool area without an adult.
  9. No guests may use the pool without the presence of the resident.
  10. No diving, horseplay, running, pets, or bathing allowed at any time.
  11. No pool parties. No more than 4 guests are allowed for each residence.
  12. You are considered to be tresspassing if you are in the pool area when it is closed.
  13. The pool will be closed for one week per violation by ANY homeowner or guest.
  14. WARNING: The pool will be monitored at various times. The security camera at the pool is always in operation.
  15. People caught jumping the fence at any time will be fined, and the police will be called.
Please observe all rules posted for YOUR SAFETY and enjoyment of the area.

Anyone found abusing the pool rules will be held responsible and liable for damages. After 3 violations, we have the right to request the return of your pool key, and we have the right to impose a fine.

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