Child Saftey Tips for Spa and Pool

A spa and swimming pool provide hours of enjoyment and the opportunity for healthy entertainment. Be aware that you must ensure your child's saftey. There is a risk of a child drowning whaen around any body of water.

There is no substitute for constant adult supervision. Most child drownings occur during a lapse in supervision of five minutes or less.

  1. Never leave a child alone - even for a second.
  2. Maintain constant eye contact with your children when they are around a pool or spa.
  3. Do not consider young children water-safe because they have had swimming lessons. Swimming instructions for children under three years of age are not recommended.
  4. Instruct babysitters about the potential hazards to young children around swimming pools and the need for constant supervision.
  5. Use inflatalbe toys under adult supervision. They may deflate, or your child may slip off of them.
  6. Realize that a child can drown in as little as two inches of water.
Sources: Drowning Prevention Society; United States Consumer Product Saftey Commission; National Spa and Pool Institute's Operation Water Watch; and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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