For all standing rules:

PARKING: In consideration of current fire safety laws and our narrow streets, our CC&R's do not allow parking in front of houses except for brief loading and unloading and NEVER in front of your neighbors. Only Service People are allowed extended parking to perform work at residences. All vehicles must be parked in garages, on driveways, or in the green curb zones on Meadowgate Drive and Channel Drive. Parking is NEVER allowed on lawns, even if you are washing your car.

TOW AWAY ZONE: All vehicles parked on the residential streets from 10 PM to 5 AM are subject to being towed away without warning. Green Curb: This parking area is not for abandoned vehicles or vehicles you don't use or that residence has no room for. All vehicles parked at the green curbs must be moved periodically - At least once every 72 hours or are subject to being towed.

SPEED LIMIT: The 15 mph speed limit is imposed for the safety of all of us. Our streets are narrow; we have no sidewalks; and children are often playing in streets. ALWAYS USE CAUTION.

CLIMBING PROHIBITED: To prevent injuries, parents or other responsible parties should tell their children not to climb any fence and not to climb the perimeter walls. Please ask that your children not ride on the front gate as it opens and shuts. Parents may be held responsible to pay damages caused from not following these rules.

NO NUISANCE RULE: Our CC&R's prohibit nuisances, which are defined as any activity which may become an annoyance to and interfere with the quiet enjoyment of any other resident.

POOL: Hours are from 9AM to 10PM. No one under 18 years of age may be in the pool unless accompanied by an adult. Only two non-resident visitors allowed per residence. No one under 18 should use the Spa as instructed by Health Dept. Check signs at the pool for other restrictions. Anyone in the pool after 10PM is trespassing and Police will be called.

LAWNS: You are expected to keep your lawns green, weeds down, and shrubs trimmed, so that property and our community look appealing. It is your responsibility to be respectful of others property. Please do not litter or allow children to play on someone else's property without permission. We do not have sidewalks so be courteous DO NOT walk across anyone's lawn.

TRASH CANS/TOYS: May be put out the evening before trash day, and must be off the street out of sight by day's end of trash day. Also any toys must be off street nightly, this means bikes, scooters, skateboards and any basketball hoop must be put away nightly for safety reason.